ITV seeks BBC global formats ban, Ultra HD Phase 2 progress, EU agrees Net Neutrality rules: DTG daily news October 29th 2015

ITV seeks ban on BBC using non-UK formats and content

The BBC would not be allowed to buy TV shows, films, or formats formats from outside the UK for any of its channels, under ITV's proposals to the public consultation on BBC Charter Review.

Attacking the BBC's allegedly declining distinctiveness, the commercial broadcaster's submission also said the BBC should work under a “new framework of distinctiveness”.

DVB Technical Module announces new chair

Kevin Murray has been elected to chair the DVB Technical Module, following the three-year stewardship of Dr. Nicholas D. Wells.

Murray is a System Architect in Service Provider Video Software and Solutions at Cisco, actively engaged in a range of research and standards areas related to the television experience.

Ultra HD Phase 2 DVB specs move forward

Draft commercial requirements for the next phase of Ultra HD will go through a formal DVB approval process in the next few week.

DVB UHD-1 Phase 2 will add additional features including High Dynamic Range (HDR) and High Frame Rate (HFR), after what David Wood, chair of the DVB-UHDTV Commercial Module, described as “lengthy and difficult” discussions.

EU agrees controversial Net Neutrality rules

The European Parliament has approved Net Neutrality rules which have been attacked as being both too weak and too restrictive, as well as undermining online safety efforts.

The Telecom Single Market legislation outlaws blocking and throttling of services, or paid prioritisation of traffic, but critics say there are too many loopholes for wealthy content providers to exploit, while others fear it will prevent the online safety filters operated by many ISPs.

Ofcom confirms WRC-15 spectrum position

Ofcom will defend long-term reservation of spectrum below 700MHz for broadcasting at WRC-15, the UK media regulator has confirmed ahead of the telecoms megaconference beginning next month.

The UK will also support the change of use from broadcasting to mobile broadband for the 700MHz band, along with other new mobile spectrum assignments above 1GHz and new WiFi allocations.

DTG Staff  |  29.10.2015

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