GSMA opens fire at WRC-15, Eutelsat demo mimics OTT via sat, BT seeks innovators, and Channel 4 sales rumours: DTG daily news, November 4th 2015

GSMA kicks off the bandwidth wars at WRC-15

Mobile communications industry body, the GSMA, has started the fight over the future of UHF spectrum with a plea for WRC-15 delegates to free up more frequencies for mobile broadband.

The ITU World Radiocommunications Conference 2015 will vote on resolutions to transfer the 700MHz band from TV to mobile use, and to make the 600MHz band a joint resource for TV and mobile.

You can find out how the decisions made at WRC-15 will affect the UK at the DTG Dynamic Spectrum Access Forum's WRC-15 Review seminar on December 14th—click the link on the right to register.

Eutelsat trials multiscreen streaming via satellite

Eutelsat is testing a system for turning satellite broadcasts into OTT-style IP video streams that can be picked up by any device in the house, relieving broadband network demand or helping users in remote locations.

The as-yet-unbranded service uses tech from Neotion and Broadpeak to extract IP streams from a satellite feed and push them into a home network, which can be picked up by devices using an app from 3 Screen Solutions.

BT hunts for digital media innovators

BT is looking for start-ups and entrepreneurs with innovative digital media and production technology ideas, which could end up being tested on BT Sport.

The BT Infinity Lab competition is looking for disruptive ideas such as evolving from the STB as an app, viewer engagement, advanced user interfaces and immersive experiences, sports data analytics and production side media. It's open until December 6th 2015.

BT and Discovery in Channel 4 buyout rumour

Former Channel 4 chairman Luke Johnson, BT and Discovery are all named in rumoured bids to pick up Channel 4 if the government puts it on the market.

The broadcaster has been valued at more than £1bn following the revelation of a government memo promoting its privatisation, although the move is opposed by Channel 4's management.

Image: ITU

DTG Staff  |  04.11.2015

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