The DTG's Dynamic Spectrum Access forum reviews the outcomes of WRC-15 and prepares for the future

DTG’s Dynamic Spectrum Access forum is organising its second annual spectrum-oriented event focusing on the outcomes of WRC-15. Looking at three key areas;

  • Broadcast Industry (including PMSE issues)
  • Mobile Industry (covering all provision for mobile broadband)
  • Satellite Industry

There will also be an overall summary from DCMS to close the event

DTG is delighted to announce confirmed speakers from key organisations representing each sector:

  • GSMA with Roberto Ercole, Senior Director of Long Term Spectrum and Glyn Carter, Senior Spectrum Advisor for Government and Regulatory Affairs;
  • Arqiva with Peter Couch, Head of Strategy and Development
  • SES Satellite with Anna Marklund, Spectrum Development Manager

Providing a DCMS point of view will be Dr Nick Munn, Head of Spectrum Policy

There will be two sessions, the first where each industry speaker will cover what has happened at WRC-15 from their perspective, including the impact on their industry in terms of decisions at WRC-15.

The second where each speaker will look forward to the work that their industry will need to do in preparation for the next WRC. There will be particular interest in the 6 GHz and above bands and how they will be used going forward. For example, how will different systems co-exist? What studies will have to be done? What will be the process? How will conflict be resolved?

DCMS will also be giving its view of WRC-15. What are the key topics going forward? What are the process links with other EC and international bodies? Where do they need industry help and support in answering key questions that will be needed for input to the next WRC?

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DTG Staff  |  04.11.2015

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