Vaizey calls for Euro digital radio plan, SFR brings 4k to France, EBU welcomes WRC-15 TV support, and Netflix Hack Day highlights: DTG daily news, November 10th 2015

Vaizey calls for European digital radio plan

The Digital Economy Minister, Ed Vaizey, has called on the European Commission to include radio in the Digital Single Market Strategy to encourage the rise of common technical standards, in-car receivers and the carriage of European radio services on digital networks.

Vaizey told the WorldDAB Assembly 2015 that the Department for Culture, Media and Sport is helping Germany, Scandinavia and France to follow the UK success with DAB take-up by working with broadcasters and car manufacturers.

France's SFR to launch OTT Ultra HD platform

France will become the latest European country to enjoy a commercial Ultra HD service by the end of 2015, when SFR launches the Zive platform for its fibre broadband customers.

Zive will launch with more than 400 titles in 4k, including Total Recall, Hancock, Spider-Man 3, Spider-Man 2, Jerry Maguire, Battle: Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Glory, Dracula, and Lawrence of Arabia.

EBU welcomes widespread support for TV on UHF

The European Broadcasting Union has welcomed the support of many international broadcasting groups at the World Radiocommunication Conference 2015 to retain UHF spectrum below 700MHz for terrestrial TV.

European and African countries, the Arab States, the Commonwealth of Independent States, and the Asia-Pacific Telecommunication Union, as well as a joint proposal from 14 South American states, have all signed up to the 'No change' position on allocating spectrum between broadcast and mobile use.

You can find out how the decisions made at WRC-15 will affect the UK at the DTG Dynamic Spectrum Access Forum's WRC-15: Impact on UK Plc seminar on December 14th—click the link on the right to register.

Netflix hackers generate smart streaming ideas

The annual Netflix Hack Day came up with 75 hacks including several we hope to see on the streaming platform soon—and a 90s-style arcade game where you can play drug lord Pablo Escobar!

Our favourites: "Ok Netflix" finds any scene in a film or TV show if you speak a line of dialogue; "Smart Channels" are themed collections of content which autoplay like a TV channel without ads; and "Stream Possible" makes it possible to watch Netflix over a 3G connection.

DTG Staff  |  10.11.2015

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