DTG and German TV Platform to join forces on Ultra HD plugfests

  • National technology collaboration bodies begin series of joint equipment and content testing events
  • Combines broadcasters, TV platforms and CE manufacturers active in Europe’s largest TV markets

The DTG UK UHD Forum and German TV Platform are joining forces to continue testing Ultra HD TVs, receivers, content and connectivity as new services develop.

German TV Platform is the German counterpart to the DTG, the UK collaboration centre for innovation in digital media technology, with its own industry group dedicated to Ultra HD TV.

December 8th and 9th 2015 will see the first in a series of joint-venture ‘plugfests’ to help consumer electronics manufacturers, TV platforms and broadcasters to develop Ultra HD services.

Held in Berlin, the combined plugfest will examine the delivery and support of High Dynamic Range UHD, by connecting UHD displays and receivers together with sample content. Future events will alternate between London and Berlin, examining other facets of the UHD experience.

Simon Gauntlett, DTG Chief Technology Officer, said: “We are delighted to be working with the German TV Platform group to ensure that participating Ultra HD services continue to develop at the highest standards for consumers, and increasing our international collaboration on behalf of DTG members.

“Manufacturers who take part in the plugfests can now find out how their products will perform with emerging Ultra HD services in Europe’s two largest TV markets, but will only have to take part in one set of plugfests.”

Stephan Heimbecher, Sky Germany, Head of the Ultra HD Working Group and member of the board of directors of the German TV Platform, said: "After two successful UHD plugfests in Germany, we look forward to continue the series together with DTG colleagues from the UK. The merger of the activities around UHD should avoid duplication of efforts, in particular among manufacturers.

“In addition, we expect mutual fertilization by the common approach of companies operating in the two largest European markets. The topic HDR will be in the particular focus of the common plugfest in December—in addition to the general interoperability of devices."

The DTG UK UHD Forum has conducted three Ultra HD Plugfests since December 2014, examining HDMI connectivity, HEVC format support, and HDCP interoperability. German TV Platform has conducted a similar programme since mid-2014.

UK UHD Forum members include the BBC, BT, LG, Freesat, Dolby, Sony and Sky – it is chaired by Andy Quested, Head of Technology BBC HD & UHD, and Sky’s Chief Engineer for Broadcast Strategy, Chris Johns.

The UK UHD plugfests have also enabled DTG Testing to establish the UK UHD Zoo, a collection of Ultra HD TVs and set-top boxes available to the industry for testing.

About the DTG

The DTG is the UK collaboration centre for innovation in digital media technology, reaching industry, government, academia and international partners, set up with the purpose of looking after the digital TV marketplace. It underpins the free-to-air platforms Freeview, Freesat and YouView, and supports the development of Sky, Virgin Media, BT, TalkTalk and EE.

It has been central to the distribution of TV in the UK for nearly two decades through the collaborative development of industry standards and best practice, and is currently embracing the convergence of content and networks across industries to focus on the efficient delivery of video to all screens – mobile, tablet and TV – in all formats: standard, high and ultra high definitions.


About the German TV Platform

The German TV Platform is an association of numerous companies, associations and institutions that deal with the development of digital media. These include private and public broadcasters, device manufacturers, infrastructure operators, equipment and service providers, research institutes and universities, federal and state agencies. The more than 50 members of the German TV Platform come from almost all areas of the media value chain.


DTG Staff  |  17.11.2015

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