£85m for BBC World Service, EU OK for Broadcom and Avago, and Full HD TV with HDR: DTG daily news November 25th 2015

BBC World Service wins £85m soft power bonus

The government has pledged £85m to boost the BBC World Service by 2018 in its National Security Strategy and Strategic Defence and Security Review.

Promoting the UK's position as "the world's leading soft power", the funds will help to launch services in North Korea, Africa and Russia, alongside the World Service's licence fee budget.

Broadcom-Avago merger wins EU approval

The European Commission has approved the merger of global semiconductor manufacturers Broadcom and Avago after an agreement to protect competition.

The EC had been concerned that Avago could withhold key intellectual property from Broadcom's competitors, but was reassured that it had made agreements to enable access on reasonable terms.

DVB's new UHD spec includes HDR for 1080p

The DVB's latest progression of Ultra HD TV requirements will also allow high definition TV services to be enhanced with High Dynamic Range data.

The so-called 1080p HDR transmissions could be used by broadcasters with restricted bandwidth to provide HDR images in Full HD which could be upscaled by 4k HDR TVs to approximate Ultra HD.

Image: BBC

DTG Staff  |  25.11.2015

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