Blu-ray launch UHD consumer website, BBC Three to move online from February 2016, DTT Protected for another ten years : DTG Daily News November 26th 2015

The BDA launches new consumer-facing, interactive website

The Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA) have launched a consumer-facing interactive website demonstrating all of the features and benefits of Ultra HD Blu-ray players and discs.

The site is full of essential information about resolution, colour, frame rate and High Dynamic Range (HDR) in consumer-friendly terms.

From a consumer’s point of view it can be difficult to understand the difference between SD, HD and UHD, so by using interactive side-by-side images, the website demonstrates the true levels of enhancement provided by HDR. There are also moving images to show the difference between 24fps and the new format’s potential to offer 60fps playback, which will enable smoother, more realistic motion.

In addition to the visual experience users will face, the site explains backward-compatibility with current Blu-ray discs and HDTVs. Ultra HD Blu-ray players will play all current Blu-ray Disc content, and when connected to a current HDTV television, the player will output a standard HDTV signal.

View the new site here

BBC Three to move online from February 2016

The BBC Trust has confirmed the decision to make BBC Three an online-only channel from February 2016, on the condition that any of the channel's long-form programmes will still be shown on BBC One and Two.

Trustee Suzanna Taverne explained that "The evidence is very clear that younger audiences are watching more online and less linear TV", and that the proposal to close BBC as an on-air channel went through a full public consultation prior to finalising the decision.

DTT Protected for another ten years

A landmark decision was made at the ITU's World Radiocommunication Conference (WRC-15) on the use of UHF band; there will be no change in the allocation of 470MHz to 694MHz for ITU region 1 (which contains Europe) now or at WRC-19. Instead there will be a review of the entire UHF band 470MHz to 960MHz at WRC-23 where any further changes to the Radio Regulations will be decided.

DTG Staff  |  26.11.2015

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