WRC on 5G, DVR market grows, Chromecast takes the lead : DTG daily news November 30th 2015

WRC on future bands for 5G

The recent WRC-15 was a turning point for the future of satellite services. One of the key discussion points during the conference was about future bands for 5G. While the topic will be looked at in more detail during WRC-19, some initial ideas have been covered.

The potential 5G spectrum will not include satellite allocations in C, Ku or Ka bands which are currently used for a range of key satellite services such as programme distribution and DTH broadcasting.

During the deliberations administrations from all represented global regions opposed the study of the Ka band for IMT/5G. The Ka band offers significant advantages over other satellite bands, such as greater bandwidth and smaller customer premise equipment so is of key importance to the satellite industry.

DVR market set to grow 15% to 2019

The rise of the ‘smart’ home is leading a growing trend in the DVR market. The forecast reveals that the global DVR market is set to grow at a rate of 14.82% from 2014-2019.

A smart home utilises networking capabilities to connect devices such as TVs and phones to each other and the internet. One of the most popular smart devices are the DVRs, thanks to features like time-shift, which allow the viewer to record video and rewatch video when it suits them best – without the need to watch ads.

The DTG Home Networking Group looks to improve the interoperability of video across home networked devices, and the relationship between linear TV and companion screens. Working with international standards bodies, the group explores how DLNA can extend content from broadcasters beyond standard receiving devices and how content can be delivered more efficiently.

Google’s Chromecast leads streaming market

For the 5th straight quarter, Google’s Chromecast is the leading global digital media streaming device.

According to Global Connected TV Device Vendor Share: Q3 2015, Strategy Analytics, Chromecast has a 35% market share. Apple trails closely behind with 20%, while Amazon Fire TV and Roku each have a 16% share.

Global shipments of streaming devices reached 52.7 million units in Q3 2015, a year on year increase of 18% from 44.5 million.

DTG Staff  |  30.11.2015

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