Broadcasters can make more money from ads, online TV viewers turn linear, and Virgin Media brings time travel to Ireland : December 3rd 2015

Have broadcasters realised the true power of ad placement?

Broadcasters currently distribute video content via as many as 30 delivery points, but are they making the most of ad placements at each point?

Video inventory management platform SpotX doesn’t think so. Monetising content delivery points across multiple screens and platforms means it simply isn’t as straightforward as it used to be in the time of linear TV ad placement.

Media companies need to understand the modern user journey and how to make the most of cross-platform opportunities.

“A consumer may record a show on a DVR, but end up streaming the content on a mobile device during transit,” explained SpotX’s VP of Programmatic TV, Randy Cooke. “This represents three ways of watching the same content – live, streaming and playback – but in many cases all of these are not being monetised to their full value.”

Conquering Content study reveals link between online TV and linear viewers

The annual ‘Conquering Content’ study from Hub is out, revealing some interesting stats on how users interact with TV.

One of the key findings is that viewers expect a vast but well organised and easy to use library of content.

  • 52% of online TV viewers convert to live TV viewers after discovering new shows
  • 29% of viewers are always looking for new shows
  • 51% of viewers say it can be hard to find new shows to watch online, with 57% gravitating toward TV sources that make it easy to find new shows

Virgin Media brings Replay and Startover to Ireland

Users of Virgin Media’s Horizon service in Ireland will now be able to use Replay TV and Startover. This feature will provide a backwards EPG for seven day’s worth of programmes.

If viewers miss the start of a show they will be able to select ‘Play from Start’ and watch any programme from the beginning. The service launches with 26 channels being available, including RTÉ One, RTÉ2, TV3 and BT Sports among others.

“At Virgin Media we promised to bring the magic to our Irish customers and are delighted to bring these brilliant new services to our Horizon TV customers in time for Christmas for no extra charge.” Said Virgin Media’s Head of Commercial and Products, Bill Blake, “Not only are these features a first for our customers, Virgin Media are the first company to offer Replay TV and Startover in Ireland. This is only the beginning and we’ll be constantly adding new channels.”

DTG Staff  |  03.12.2015

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