Ofcom's Connected Nations report is here, new 5G channel sounding test solution, TV is taking over our lives : DTG daily news December 4th 2015

Ofcom publishes Connected Nations 2015 report

This week Ofcom published its “Connected Nations” report, which was previously called the Infrastructure Report.

In addition to the regular content, Ofcom released a consumer-friend summary of key findings, including stats about broadband and mobile in the UK. Here are a few of extracts from the new and improved report:

- Good speeds encourage heavier data use. Users with speeds of 40 Mbit/s or more are using much more data, through services such as catch-up TV, online movie rental and video calls

- One in three homes how has ‘superfast’ broadband with a connection of 30 Mbit/s or more.

- 83% of UK homes can now have superfast if they choose to, (up from 75% last year).

- 7 out of 10 premises in the UK can now get 4G from at least one of the mobile operators.

- Ofcom believes you need speeds of 10 Mbit/s or more to get a good broadband service. In rural areas, around 48% of premises simply can’t get these speeds.

Rohde & Schwarz perform first commercial test solution for 5G channel sounding

The industry has grown a lot since the early days of GSM, and in order to make the most of new developments to the spectrum, like 5G, manufacturers of base stations and end user devices need new test solutions. The new test system from Rohde & Schwarz promises to allow users to select a signal and spectrum analyser and a vector signal generator, depending on their frequency and bandwidth requirements.

There are two aspects of 5G that set it apart from previous generations:

- 5th generation mobile radio will open up new frequency bands for commercial wireless communications in the microwave and millimetre wave ranges

- It will also extend the wanted-signal bandwidth

Using the new R&S TS-5GCS channel sounding software together with an &S FSW signal and spectrum analyser and an R&S SMW200A vector signal generator makes it possible to measure channels in higher frequency bands than was previously possible.

Rovi reveals streaming is 3rd biggest time commitment in life

Phase-two findings from a sponsored survey of pay-TV and OTT content subscribers in the US, Europe and Asia have been released by Rovi. The findings reveal trends in viewer behaviours related to discovery, search and recommendations.

4,000 users, across seven countries participated in an online survey, while 1,000 interviews in the US and 500 interviews each in the UK France, Germany, China, Japan and India also helped to generate the data.

The results of the survey reveal that watching TV and streaming content is respondent’s third biggest time commitment after work and sleep. Globally, respondents watched four hours of entertainment a day. Whereas in the US, a quarter of respondents are watching seven or more hours per day. Taking eight hours for sleep and eight hours for work per day, the data reveals that entertainment via TV or mobile fills a significant proportion of the respondent’s free time.

- Half (52 per cent) of respondents say they frequently plan their day around their favourite TV programmes or other entertainment content, including 19 per cent who say they do this “every day”

- Respondents from India (82 per cent) and China (75 per cent) were most likely to say they frequently plan their day around their favourite TV programmes and other entertainment content

- On average, participants from the US and UK say they spend about five hours every day watching TV or streaming entertainment content

- Close to half (45 per cent) of respondents say watching something they have enjoyed on TV or another device has a “major impact” on their overall mood and demeanour

- More than two out of five (44 per cent) respondents say they frequently stay up “too late” to continue watching a TV programme or movie

“What we’re seeing is that consumers’ relationships with their entertainment have become just as important as the other top priorities in their everyday lives,” said Michael Hawkey, senior vice president and general manager of discovery at Rovi.

DTG Staff  |  04.12.2015

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