New 5th generation Apple TV rumours, the key to engagement on smart entertainment devices, 86% of US pay TV subscribers want a single app for video content: DTG daily news December 8th 2015

New 5th generation Apple TV rumours

While the latest Apple TV is less than a couple of months old, rumours of the next version are already circulating.

A new 5th generation Apple TV system has been announced on Taiwanese site Digitimes, where it claims trial production will begin in Q1 2016. If the rumours are true then this would indicate a June launch.

New features on many wishlists would be ultra HD support for the growing amount of 4k content, a more powerful processor and better heat management.

The key to engagement on smart entertainment devices

Smart TVs were heralded as the beginning of the end for the set-top box, promising a streamlined and all-in-one approach to content. Despite this set-top boxes are still popular in households and a myriad of other devices now offer content as well.

How do users stay engaged without getting confused? The remote control, says Menno Koopmans, senior VP subscription broadcasting, Universal Electronics. Give people easy access to the content they want (whether that’s from a live broadcast, Netflix, a recorded TV show or a DVD) with an ergonomic remote that unites an entertainment ecosystem, instead of hindering it.

86% of US pay TV subscribers want a single app for video content

9/10 (86%) of US pay TV subscribers want a single app for video content, according to new data released from Altman Vilandrie & Company’s sixth annual survey on consumer video habits.

Not only that, 70% of consumers haven’t downloaded any apps for network or cable channels, despite the overwhelming surge in streaming content being made available.

“Consumers are saying that greater choice does not always lead to a better experience,” said Altman Vilandrie & Company Director Jonathan Hurd. “Managing multiple apps across multiple viewing platforms can be challenging and appears to be limiting the market penetration of nearly all TV apps.”


DTG Staff  |  08.12.2015

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