Pope broadcasts in 4k HDR, Netflix top in UK Pay-VoD, Apple TV gets iPlayer: DTG daily news December 14th 2015

Papal ceremony showcased in Ultra HD with HDR

The Vatican has partnered with Eutelsat to broadcast a special ceremony with His Holiness Pope Francis in 4k Ultra HD, using an experimental High Dynamic Range system from the BBC and NHK.

The Hybrid Log Gamma technology is designed for backwards-compatibility with TVs that are non-UHD and non-HDR, working across multiple distribution formats, and is royalty-free so that it can be adopted widely.

Netflix used in 18% of UK homes with broadband

Netflix has a foothold in almost a fifth of internet-connected UK homes, coming third behind the BBC iPlayer (33% usage) and iTV Player (20%).

Research by Parks Associates into services used over the past 30 days around Europe found that Amazon Instant Video came sixth in the UK, behind 4oD and Demand 5, but the situation was reversed in Germany, where Amazon is used in 17% of homes and Netflix in 6%.

iPlayer launches on Apple TV

The latest Apple TV has reached a key milestone for UK consumer approval after the BBC published an iPlayer app for the device.

The new app supports purchases via the BBC Store, personalised programme recommendations, live pause and rewind, and Siri voice control and navigation, with subtitles and Apple TV search integration under development.

Image: Osservatore Romano

DTG Staff  |  14.12.2015

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