175% increase in Sky Sports online video views, Internet of Things worth $287bn in 2016, Jeff Bewkes and Time Warner extend contracts : January 11th 2016

175% increase in Sky Sports online video views

2015 was a fantastic year for Sky Sports and saw it break an important milestone, in which it became the UK’s most popular digital sport platform.

The record was broken by users of Sky Sport’s digital and on-demand services, which showed over 60,000 hours of sport over seven different channels.

In total online video spike, with views going up approx. 175 per cent; by December views had hit just under 300 million. Another stat contributed to making this Sky Sports’ best year yet, such as 20 million downloads of highlights, magazine and short-form programmes, a year-on-year increase of around seven million.

“The way people consume sport is changing and so is our service.” Said Barney Francis, Sky Sports Managing Director, “As well as a record-breaking year across our seven channels, Sky Sports has become the first choice for sport across digital outlets too. Sports fans want their fix wherever they are and at any time of the day, and our award-winning service across TV, mobile, online, Sky Go and NOW TV ensure this.”

Internet of Things worth $287bn in 2016

One of the themes dominating CES 2016 was the Internet of Things (IoT) and how it will impact the industry. TV manufacturers from all over the world made announcements that their TVs would be IoT connected, which will have a huge impact on the retail market.

The Consumer Technology Association (CTA) released forecasting that the IoT will be worth $287bn in retail revenues in 2016.

Cisco made a slightly different valuation of the IoT market, claiming that the remote control market for IoT products and services is worth around $19 trillion.

IoT has the scope to generate so much revenue due to the variety of products, ranging from Smart devices that manage your home (i.e. power and security) to entertainment (TVs and entertainment devices) and wearables (health products such as the Fitbit and Smart Watches).

Jeff Bewkes and Time Warner extend contracts

Jeff Bewkes, chairman and CEO of Time Warner, has extended his contract and will continue to lead the media company for another three years.

While he’s held the position since 2008, Bewkes has been with Time Warner since 1991, where he was president and chief operating officer of HBO. Time Warner’s share prices have gone up 162 per cent since he took over eight years ago.

“The Board of Directors is delighted that Jeff has agreed to extend his employment agreement for another three years.” Said Steve Bollenbach, the company’s lead independent director, “Since becoming CEO, Jeff has transformed the company to focus on video content, capitalized on the combined strength of Turner, HBO, and Warner Bros, and delivered consistently strong operating and financial performance.”

DTG Staff  |  11.01.2016

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