Goldman Sachs Group weighs in on Virtual Reality, Sky Go gets a makeover, and Netflix hits 75 million users and releases Q4 earnings : January 21st 2016

Goldman Sachs Group weighs in on Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is scarcely out of the headlines at the moment, and Wall Street is keen to work out exactly what this developing industry could be worth. Goldman Sachs have put together predictions for what it believes will become an $80 billion market by 2025

One prediction is that there will be a slow uptake on VR technology the price point levels out, at which point a new marketplace of applications will hit the market.

Goldman has also identified nine areas in which virtual reality could be utilised. The video entertainment segment is valued at $3.2 billion alone.

Head-mounted devices, which is what most consumers associate with virtual reality, are expected to fall in price, which is key for all hardware adoption. The price point is predicted to fall over the next five years, in line with other hardware points.

Sky Go gets a makeover

Sky’s mobile TV service has been given a user-friendly makeover, with more features to be added over the course of 2016.

The new design and interface will be rolling out next week, with Android users getting the first update, followed by iOS and the web player.

Michael Swaine, Sky's director of product development, says: “This is just the start of a really exciting year for Sky Go—an app that’s led the way in watching on the go and loved by millions of people around the UK."

Netflix hits 75 million users and releases Q4 earnings

Netflix has released their Q4 earnings. The streaming juggernaut has announced a net income of $43 million, with a total revenue of $1.672 billion.

Investor estimates have been exceeded with shares earning 10 cents each, as opposed to 2 cents.

Netflix is currently valued at $44.5 billion, which is 430 times the 2016 earnings estimate.

Subscriber levels were boosted by 5.59 million in Q4, taking them above Wallstreet's estimate of 74.6 million subscribers.

DTG Staff  |  20.01.2016

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