New TV analysis toolkit from Ericsson, HDR and WCG ready to hit retail, and Leading virtual reality research joins Apple : January 25th 2016

New TV analysis toolkit from Ericsson

Ericsson has just launched Integrated Video Insights, an analysis toolkit that will help the TV sector. It will aggregate and analyse data generated by users, video platforms, networks.

The insights will be fully integrated with all of Ericsson’s video services, including signal delivery, Media First, CDN and Network DVR.

A key aspect of Video Insights is the deep level of personalisation that the system provides. This includes anything from personalised content recommendations to discovering any weak points in the customer’s video chain.

As we reported recently, Ericsson purchased FYI Television, a metadata company that will eventually integrate with Video Insights.

HDR and WCG ready to hit retail

High Dynamic Range (HDR) and Wider Colour Gamut (WCG) equipped Ultra-HD TVs will begin shipping to retail stores in early 2016.

Industry analyst Chris Chinnock predicts that HDR and WCG displays will become mainstream, stating: “Nearly every UHD TV in 2016 will support some of the basic HDR-10 level of HDR. Most will have HDMI 2.0a connectors to be able to read static metadata, which is part of HR-10.”

He added: “Other 4K TVs will support more advanced levels of HDR such as the approaches proposed by Dolby, Technicolor & Philips and the BBC/NKH. Dolby takes the early lead here with a number of TVs announced that will support Dolby Vision. But Technicolor and Philips are merging their approaches and our discussion with the System-on-Chip providers suggests that the merged approach will also be added to silicon quite quickly in 2016. These silicon solutions will go in TVs, set-top boxes, Blu-ray players and more – all planned for 2016.”

Leading virtual reality research joins Apple

It’s no surprise to see Apple investing into one of the hottest tech trends of 2016: Virtual Reality (VR). They’ve just hired one of the leading US researchers into the subject, which many predict as the next billion dollar media industry.

Prize-winning academic Doug Bowman joined Apple from a computer science professor at Virginia Tech. He had been director of the Virgin Tech centre for human-computer interaction. His area of research was focused around ‘three-dimensional user interface design and the benefits of immersion in virtual environments.”

Apple’s contemporaries’ Facebook, Alphabet, Microsoft and Samsung are already heavily investing into VR. Though industry leaders fully expected Apple to have been investigating the arena of VR without publicly announcing it.

“As the use cases of VR/AR are still in very early stages of development, we suspect that Apple is trying to gain a greater understanding of how consumers want to interact with the technology and the associated challenges before making its first move,” commented Goldman Sachs

“I’d wager that there is a substantial team within Apple figuring out how the company will play a role in this technology,” he said. “It certainly can’t let rivals such as Facebook, Google and Samsung run away with the market, particularly given the groundswell of momentum building around smartphone-based virtual reality.” Said Ben Wood, an analyst at CCS Insight.

DTG Staff  |  24.01.2016

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