DTG Television Innovation Award winners Motive Television releases its TabletTV Internet Television App for iPhones.

Motive is pleased to announce that it has received approval from Apple for its TabletTV Internet App that is available to any iPhone user globally. The new App is available from today on all Apple App Stores in the world for a cost of $4.99 or £2.99.

The TabletTV Internet App enables users to access and watch any streamed channel and content available in their own market in one easy to use platform. Users must satisfy registration requirements for subscription or pay channels as determined by the channel providers.

Examples of the channels available in the UK include BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, Demand 5, ITV Hub, All 4, Sky Go, YouTube, and more. Additionally, each user may customise his App to provide easy selection for favourite channels.

The TabletTV Internet App does not require any additional antenna or equipment and will work wherever there is an internet connection.

TabletTV Internet is initially limited to iPhones, however, the Company is working on a version for all Android mobile phones and will make a further announcement once this version has been completed.

This follows on from launching TabletTV Plus in the United Kingdom on 7th January 2016, which enhances the user experience for users in the UK and provides many new features, including:

  • Access any channel available over the internet or on Freeview, and easily switch back and forth between broadcast and internet channels within the same TabletTV Plus App
  • Create personal group of favourite internet channels for faster searching and add any TV channel available over the internet to favorites.
  • Simultaneously enjoy Freeview television, social network, surf the web or do emails on a split screen
  • Share the use of one tuner among multiple iPads in a household, each with the TabletTV App (one at a time)
  • Transfer what you are watching from a tablet to the main television screen when combined with Apple TV Airplay.

Motive Television were among the 6 finalists of the DTG Television Innovation Awards 2015 and showcased their TabletTV app on our IBC stand.

DTG Staff  |  03.02.2016

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