BT updates TV App, No UHD for Olympic Games, and Netflix backs HDR : DTG Daily News 4th February 2016

DTG 3rd Feb

BT updates TV App

BT has released updated versions of its TV app. The revamped app is available for Apple and Android devices.

One of the new features includes a dedicated on demand and catch up content library for kids, as well as a curated selection of premium content.

It also includes six new channels from UKTV including Alibi, Eden, GOLD, Good Food, Home and Watch, and the recently rebranded Sony Channel.

“The new BT TV app is much better all round – it is much easier to use and gives you great TV shows to enjoy when you’re out and about. The new kids’ section is great for children, as they can find their favourite shows within a dedicated section of the app.” Said Antonia Barton, general manager, BT TV product. “Plus there’s so much more content, whether you’re looking for something like Britain’s Next Top Model from Lifetime on Subscription Catch Up or you want to watch a classic comedy on UKTV’s GOLD channel.”

BT TV customers will now be able to use the app to search for live streamed and catch up content from BT channels. It will continue to link directly to their YouView+ set top box to enable remote recording.

No UHD for Olympic Games

The Olympic Games Olympic Broadcast Services have announced that there will be no 4K/UHD transmissions from the upcoming Rio games.

CTO Sotiris Salamouris said that his team have been involved in planning the Rio games TV coverage since 2009. At the time, 4K wasn’t clearly defined from a technical standpoint and was out of reach of most consumers. In addition, to this, a lot of national broadcasters didn’t have the broadcasting capability to support 4K.

He also commented that it was more likely that 8K would be implemented than 4K since there has been significantly more time to develop the technical backdrop and equipment to enable it.

Netflix backs HDR

Netflix has long been a supporter of 4K streaming, with original series ‘House of Cards’ which premiered in 2014. They are set to continue the tradition for future drama productions.

Neil Hunt, chief product officer at Netflix, has recently made comments saying that HDR is visibly different to 4K and that the last 15 years had seen plenty of developments with pixels improving.

HDR technology matters because modern TVs aren’t up to the same standard as what the human eye can perceive. Before HDR technology improves to that level, content will have to catch up in the meantime.

“The big step for Netflix this year is that we’re shooting our original shows with cameras that are capable of capturing all the range, then mastering for HDR,” he said. “That includes all the metadata for both types of TVs because we worked with the manufacturers to render it properly. We’re ready to start building a library and the TVs are making a big leap this year.”

DTG Staff  |  03.02.2016

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