Delayed SES-9 to launch in late February, 35% of Millennials watching Super Bowl on Smart TV, and 81% of US homes have a PVR, Netflix, or use VOD : DTG Daily News February 9th 2016

Delayed SES-9 to launch in late February

The delayed launch of the SES-9 satellite has now been targeted for late February. The news comes from the satellite operator, who announced that the satellite has been booked for launch by SpaceX on February 24th.

“This date was mutually set by SES and the launch operator for SES-9, SpaceX, the Hawthorne, California-based company that designs, manufactures and launches the Falcon 9 rocket and other spacecraft. SpaceX is currently completing an extended series of testing and pre-flight validation in advance of the SES-9 launch, which will take place at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida,” said an SES statement.

“The changed mission will reduce the time needed for SES-9 to reach its orbital slot, keeping the Operational Service Date (OSD) in the third quarter of 2016, as previously foreseen,” said SES.

The new satellite will be located at 108.2 degrees East, and is set to operate alongside SES-7. SES-9 will maintain it’s 24-hour synchronous orbit with a chemical bi-propellant apogee motor, and an electric propulsion system to lock in the final orbit.

The SES-9 was originally due to launch in September 2015, however, numerous delays since then pushed the date back.

35% of Millennials watching Super Bowl on Smart TV

More than one in three consumers watch live sports on devices other than a standard TV. Adobe Digital Index (ADI) have predicted that the Super Bowl 50 would be a watershed moment in how consumers interact with the big game.

A survey of more than 400 US consumers saw that unsurprisingly Millennials were leading this change, with 50 per cent watching content on anything from smart TVs to mobile devices and gaming consoles. 35 per cent of them were planning on watching the Super Bowl via a connected TV, with a further 25 per cent saying they were going to use an app to watch.

“TV viewership is becoming multiscreen,” said Tamara Gaffney, principal analyst at ADI. “We are entering a new frontier for online video, where viewing is led by mobile and growth in TV Everywhere.”

Millennials are dictating the future of content consumption. When it comes to sporting events they are 30 per cent less likely to watch a live sporting event on a standard TV.

“It’ll be interesting to see what the future will look like as Millennials and Generation Z become the majority of the consumer base,” said Gaffney. “What will Super Bowl look like 15 years from now? Digital channels will definitely take over. We’re getting really close to the pinnacle of mass advertising with indiscriminate marketing coming to an end. More advertisers will be able to advertise for the Super Bowl, and it’ll mean fewer marketing moments for marketers.”

81% of US homes have a PVR, Netflix, or use VOD

The Leichtman Research Group have released new survey results, revealing that 81 per cent of US households have a DVR, Netflix or use a Video on Demand (VOD) service from a service provider.

Of this number, 30 per cent use two services and 13 per cent use all three.

The survey also examined subscription-based VOD, showing that 57 per cent of households use Netflix, Amazon Prime and/or Hulu, and 48 per cent use the services on a monthly basis.

The results were collected from a survey of 1,214 households in the US and formed the study ‘On-Demand TV XIV’, their fourteenth annual study into the subject matter.

“In 2005, 25% of cable subscribers had ever used VOD, 8% of all households had a DVR, and about 4% of households subscribed to Netflix’s DVD-by-mail movie delivery service. These services have significantly evolved over the past decade,” said Bruce Leichtman, president and principal analyst for Leichtman Research Group.

“Today, over 80% of households get at least one of these services, and in recent years, Netflix and other streaming SVOD offerings have expanded the use and popularity of on-Demand TV.”

DTG Staff  |  09.02.2016

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