Liberty Global undecided on 4K, Huawei unveils plans for digital transformation, and Charlotte Moore to unveil BBC strategy : DTG Daily News February 18th

Liberty Global undecided on 4K

Cable MSO Liberty Global have commented that they have no immediate plans to introduce 4K services to their networks. The only confirmed 4K capabilities will be on 4K capable set-top boxes.

This information came from Liberty Global’s Q4 2015 Results Earnings Call, when CEO Mike Fries commented on the lack of impact 4K would have on video pricing: ”I think we are in a wait and see mode. It does have – been in CES where there too I am sure it has certainly an impact obviously marginally on the viewer and its experience.”

“So I think it’s too soon to say, we’ve got to have content, we’ve got – in terms of what will it mean to our broadband delivery and things of that nature, we are also in a wait and see mode. So we haven’t taken any action today per se to anticipate meaningful consumption of 4K,” he said. “I think we are still in the early stages of knowing what that might mean to us.”

Huawei unveils plans for digital transformation

Huawei has unveiled its plans for the telecoms industry’s digital transformation, in the form of five Big Initiatives.

They also endorsed the use of open platforms to encourage mutually beneficial collaboration. The aim of the announcement was to establish Huawei’s long-term goal of building a Better Connected World, through initiatives and innovation for 4.5G, the Internet of Things, 2K/4K video and Safe City.

“Digital transformation is a new engine for telecom industry growth, and it will also empower the innovation of other industries,” said William Xu, Executive Director of the Board and Chief Strategy Marketing Officer of Huawei, in London, “Huawei will continue to open up platform capabilities to help carriers to build an open, collaborative, and win-win industry ecosystem to accelerate digital transformation.”

“Huawei focuses on its core businesses and is committed to empowering carriers’ digital transformation with continuous strategic investment. We believe long-term focused efforts and perseverance will lead to breakthroughs,” said Ryan Ding, Executive Director of the Board and President of Products & Solutions of Huawei, in Beijing.

Charlotte Moore to unveil BBC strategy

In a two-hour event hosted by director general Tony Hall and new controller of television channels and iPlayer Charlotte Moore, Moore’s vision for her new role will be announced.

This is the first time that Moore has spoken openly about her new role since the radical changes in January, which saw the merging of BBC1 and BBC2 controller roles.

At the time, acting director television Mark Linsey said that the restructure would help to simplify the flow of ideas and talent between channels.

Additional changes to the commissioning structure across BBC television, radio and online are being finalised by Hall.

DTG Staff  |  18.02.2016

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