Sky wants better broadband for Britain, UK TV ad spend tops £5 billion and Horizon TV goes social with new Twitter partnership : DTG Daily News February 23rd

Sky wants better broadband for Britain

As UK comms regulator Ofcom about to release the conclusions to their Digital Communications Review in a few days, Sky have reissued their request for the watchdog to implement what they describe as a "simple quick fix" to improve Britains broadband and speed things up.

Sky's Chief Executive, Jeremy Darroch, explains that within Ofcom's review will be details on how they believe broadband in Britain should be delivered, "The debate has focused on whether Openreach, which operates most of the wiring used to deliver broadband to homes and businesses, should be separated from BT. It’s no secret that Sky supports separation. But while some portray the issues as a battle between commercial rivals the truth is it matters to us all. Consumers, small businesses, think tanks and MPs have all said that change is needed. I’ve never seen such a coalition of support,”

“So it’s important this week to focus on the heart of this debate. If the UK is to improve its productivity and international competitiveness, and ensure our businesses, homes, schools and hospitals benefit from the latest technology, then we need better digital infrastructure including an ultrafast broadband network with speeds of 1Gb/s or more, through fibre laid direct to homes and businesses (‘fibre to the premises’). Ultrafast connectivity is critical to Britain’s future economic and social welfare,” he says.

UK TV ad spend tops £5 billion

In 2015 TV advertising revenue totalled an impressive £5.27 billion, up 7.4 percent compared to 2014. This is the sixth year we've seen advertising revenue grow in the UK, according to Thinkbox—the marketing body for commercial TV in the UK.

The continued growth has been across all major marketing categories, but the biggest growth was seen by online companies, investing over £500 million in TV. Companies such as Google, Facebook and Netflix spend over 60% of their marketing budgets on TV advertising.

Further stats from the report include;

- TV Advertising is 30% cheaper than 10 years ago

- Procter & Gamble were the most viewed advertiser

- An average broadcast TV campaign in the UK (of 400 TV ratings) gets 234 million views (BARB, 2015)

- TV advertising £ for £ has the highest return on investment with an average of £1.79 profit for every £1 invested (Ebiquity, ‘Payback 4’, 2014)

- 87 per cent of TV in the UK is watched live (BARB, 2015)

- There are 17 million conversations about TV advertising every evening in the UK (BARB/Thinkbox, 2015)

Horizon TV goes social with new Twitter partnership

Twitter and Liberty Global are joining forces to integrate several features from the social media platform into its Horizon TV service.

The announcement comes with the launch of a new TV app called Watch with Twitter, as well as a new feature allowing viewers to Tweet TV recommendations via the Horizon Go mobile app.

Viewers can choose to follow live Tweets on relevant programs, which are then overlaid onto the TV screen as well as browse live shows that are currently trending on Twitter.

The app will launch in Germany and Ireland this week, this further releases expected in the coming months.

DTG Staff  |  23.02.2016

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