DTG UK Innovation Awards 2015 Winner Smartzer listed as one of the top companies at the forefront of business innovation

Smartzer is an interactive video shopping experience, founded by Karoline Gross in 2012, accessible online, through portable devices or smart TV, which overlays smart elements on top of video so that any video can become a retail event.

After pitching heir way to Gold at the IBC Grand Final of the DTG Innovation Awards 2015, Karoline went on to continue her success and is now working with Marks and Spencer, and Joshua Kane on various projects

The judging panel at the DTG UK Innovation Awards were blown away by the innovation in technology showed by Smartzer, and unanimously voted her the winner.

This week, Smartzer have been listed at one of the top 5 companies at the forefront of business innovation...

Video is one of the fastest growing forms of online content—but the monetisation, engagement and analytics capabilities around it are still playing catch-up. Smartzer has created a video player that allows consumers to click on items within a video to make purchases or pre-order items.

There is also an extensive analytics component providing valuable demand-prediction analytics, as well as deep understanding of how consumers interact with video content.

Top innovation tip: ‘Keep close contact with partners and clients from the beginning. That has allowed us to create specific elements for the product that we would never have thought to create otherwise.’

Memorable challenge: ‘A large amount of data is captured on each interaction with the video player, but deciding which parts were most important to the retailers was a challenge. This was overcome through extensive research into different analytics dashboards, visualisation tools, and client preferences.’

DTG Staff  |  23.02.2016

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