January saw dip in large LCD panel shipments, 600 hours of 4k content from Netflix and UK business leaders request better broadband : DTG Daily News March 1st

January saw dip in large LCD panel shipments

Reports by WitsView, a division of TrendForce, show that large-size LCD panel shipments were down 16.8% in January compared to December, totalling just 57.47 million units. While most manufacturers reported declining results, Panasonic LCD and Sharp saw an increase in shipments due to shorter base periods.

“Looking at February, large-size panel shipments have been scaled back because of the Chinese New Year holidays that resulted in fewer work days during the month,” said Iris Hu, research manager for WitsView. “The earthquake that struck southern Taiwan on the 6th also disrupted the operation of Innolux’s fabs. Hence, the total monthly shipments will drop by about 3 percent from January.”

TV panels, monitor panels, notebook panels and tablet panels also saw a decline in shipments in January due to seasonal influences and inventory adjustments.

600 hours of 4k content from Netflix

As an early adopter, Netflix began streaming 4k content in April 2014 when actual 4k content wasn't widely available, and they revealed further plans at Mobile World Congress last week. Netflix's VP of Interface Innovation, Chris Jaffe, promised delegated that there would be even more high-quality UHD content available on the platform this year.

Hinting at around 600 hours of original programming to be released through the year, he emphasised the "better-pixels" definition and HDR benefits of expanded brightness and wider colour range.

“High Dynamic Range is less about packing more pixels on the screen like the move from HD to Ultra HD 4K was,” Jaffe said. “It’s about extending the total range of those pixels. What that means is that you’re watching a much more photo-realistic image that’s much more representative of the total range that your eye can see when you’re just looking round in real life.”

UK business leaders request better broadband

UK business leaders have called for better broadband across the country, accusing the Government of a 'poverty of ambition'. Requesting a focus on households and businesses to have access to speeds of 10Gbps by 2030, that's 1,000 times faster than the current aim of 10Mbps by 2020.

A new report, Ultrafast Britain, sees the Institute of Directors state that although the UK is a world leader in the internet economy, it's beginning to fall behind many European nations when it comes to increasing the speed of broadband connections.

Dan Lewis, Senior Advisor on Infrastructure Policy at the IoD, and author of the report, explains, “Now is the time to set a bold new target for genuinely world-beating broadband. We have the leading internet economy in the G20, and yet download speeds are mediocre and the coverage of fibre optic cable is woeful. The demand for data is growing exceptionally fast, and with Virtual Reality and the Internet of Things just around the corner, about to grow even faster. But our network is behind the curve. Unfortunately, the Government’s current target displays a distinct poverty of ambition.

DTG Staff  |  01.03.2016

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