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The UK chooses online over sleep

According to a recent poll, Britons now spend more time online than they do asleep, spending on average 10.5 hours a day.

Research into British web habits was conducted by broadband provider Fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP), and uncovered that men spend more time online at an average of 11 hours compared to women for an average of 10 hours.

However many Britons say their broadband speeds aren't keeping up with the pace of their connected living. Over 79% claim that faster broadband is needed, and 24% say they have regular arguments over the poor broadband performance in their home (49% of arguments being over someone hogging the broadband)

“As web dependency and usage rises exponentially, it’s understandably going to cause friction in houses where the broadband isn’t fit for task. There is nothing more frustrating than buying the world’s most advanced and functional tech, and then not being able to enjoy it. The key is not to take poor service lying down,” said Steve Holford, VP Products, Hyperoptic.

Netflix isn't "killing the TV industry"

OTT player, Netflix, is regularly accused of "killing the TV industry" and contributing to TV 'cord cutting' of cable and satellite, but a recent report from analysts at MoffettNathanson think differently.

“Over the past few years, there have been few narratives as powerful and as widely communicated as “Netflix is killing TV.” The argument is often made with an absence of facts, but no shortage of observed examples,” states Michael Nathanson. “Netflix discloses global streaming hours which have to be massaged to get domestic streaming hours. Nielsen measures many things, but there is no quick and easy way to get a truly comparable data point for traditional [US] TV viewing.”

“In this note, we try our best to attempt to present the facts,” adds Nathanson. “Based on our analysis of Nielsen data, Netflix’s domestic streamed hours would equate to about 6 percent of traditional TV hours (viewing + time-shifting) vs. over 4 per cent in 2014. At present, Netflix would be larger than the smallest cable network companies, but smaller than the seven largest cable and broadcast conglomerates. Currently, Netflix is a source of industry pain, but not necessarily a cause of industry death.”

Channel 4 hire new commissioning editor

Channel 4 hire Danny Carvalho as new commissioning editor for factual entertainment. The former Pulse Films head of development and ITV Studios executive producer is responsible for creating entertainment and factual formats including ITV’s The Chase and Sky Living’s Four Weddings.

Liam Humphreys, head of factual entertainment and entertainment teams, said “Danny brings great energy and experience to the department, has a unique insight on both factual entertainment and entertainment genres and an innate mischievous C4 sensibility”.

DTG Staff  |  07.03.2016

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