BVA becomes BASE, Viewers varying preferences for Ultra HD and 69% of Britons have a pay-TV or VoD subscription : DTG Daily News March 18th

BVA becomes BASE

The British Video Association has unveiled a new name and new identity at its annual Insight Forum in London.

Now called the British Association for Screen Entertainment or BASE, they will also offer new membership opportunities to help smaller, independent distributors in addition to new training initiatives.

The rebrand comes due to the recent explosion in digital services, and the need for an association to represent the expanding market.

Liz Bales, CEO explains that their “new name reflects the breadth of our membership and allows us to open doors to new members from other parts of the ecosystem. Vitally, it provides a more solid foundation from which to continue to support the needs of all our members and to champion the growth of the category on their behalf.”

Viewers varying preferences for Ultra HD

A study by Eutelsat on consumer awareness and reactions to Ultra HD and 4K across Europe reveal that different countries have very different expectations of the services.

Claudia Vaccarone, head of market research & customer experience at Eutelsat shared the findings at the Connected TV Summit in London earlier this week, and said that consumers would be willing to pay extra for Ultra HD VoD. In some cases, up to 7 Euros per movie.

In regards to the physical screen, there was a clear pattern that no one wanted a screen larger than 50 inches, and UK consumers were willing to pay the most for a screen, reaching a maximum of 5,700 Euros.

69% of Britons have a pay-TV or VoD subscription

According to Nielsen's Global Video-on-Demand Report, nearly seven in 10 (69%) households pay a subscription to watch live broadcast or on-demand programming.

With satellite being the most popular TV subscription service with 37% of households, followed by cable with 24% and VoD services such as Netflix and Amazon at 20%. Although we've seen a significant growth in the take-up of VoD services, it is still below the global average of 26%. In fact among British VoD viewers, 35% watch VoD at least once a day, compared to 43% globally.

“The increasing popularity of online-only TV services will continue to put pressure on the likes of Sky and Virgin, but a wholesale replacement of these traditional subscription players is unlikely,” says Nielsen executive vice president of digital for Europe, Terrie Brennan. “For most UK viewers, online VoD and traditional subscription services are complementary, so we’re more likely to see “cord shaving” – consumers choosing slimmer subscription packages from the traditional players, rather than cancelling them outright.”

DTG Staff  |  17.03.2016

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