BASE hosts industry event, Adobe Digital Index released and Sky creates a dedicated in-house VR unit : DTG Daily News March 21st

BASE hosts industry event

Previously known as the British Video Association (BVA), the newly branded British Association for Screen Entertainment (BASE) hosted an event with the annual Insight Forum for the leaders in UK home entertainment industry.

The flagship event—Driving the Video Category Forward—was attended by over 250 representatives from distributors, retailers and suppliers to the video industry proved that physical video remains one of the most dominant forms of entertainment.

“Seven in ten consumers like that physical reassurance of the disc. DVDs are seen as there when you want them, so they are great as a library resource and also a great gift,” revealed James Burke, Insight Director, Kantar Media. “Meanwhile, digital is great for spur of the moment purchases, especially new releases. More tech-savvy consumers are saving their digital copies in network attached storage (NAS) in order to be able to upload films and distribute them round the home.”

Adobe Digital Index released

Analysis from the recent Adobe Digital Index (ADI) reveals significant developments in both smartphone and desktop browsing, as well as TV Everywhere viewing through 2015.

Smartphone browsing using Chrome is growing much faster than Safari, 75% YoY compared to 33% YoY, which is taking places on both Android and iOS devices, despite Safari being the default browser on iOS devices.

“iPhone users have to go out of their way to download the Chrome browser,” said Adam Lloyd, an analyst at ADI. “The fact that people are actually doing so is a sign that Chrome offers an experience consumers are interested in.”

In regards to TV Everywhere, Apple's share of authenticated viewing on Apple TV has dropped 8% since August 2015, compared to an increase from Roku at 4%, which is said to be due to 4K services.

Sky creates a dedicated in-house VR unit

Sky have a dedicated in-house Virtual Reality production unit to set up production of VR content across all its markets. The first fully immersive pieces of content were shot during Formula 1 testing in Barcelona, in which viewers will be transported to the pit lanes, into the team garages and out onto the track.

Following investment in Jaunt in 2013, Sky have been building it's expertise in VR since by carrying out testing across a number of different events. The Sky News team have already released 360-degree videos taking viewers to the centre of the migrant crisis with footage from the refugee camp in Calais. Sky Movies also trialled VR at the premiere of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, giving viewers a unique glimpse from the red carpet.

Going forward, the Sky VR Studio will create more exclusive content from events including heavyweight boxing and the Tour de France.

Gary Davey, Managing Director, Content at Sky, commented: “The Sky VR Studio allows us to add a new dimension to storytelling, taking viewers to extraordinary places and offering a unique perspective on a whole host of events. The development of VR technology is moving at an incredible pace and excitement is building about its potential. Our expertise across a wide range of video content, from original drama to live sport, gives us a unique ability to bring VR to life for customers. This is just the start and we’re looking forward to creating more amazing VR content and exploring the possibilities with our tech and content partners.”

DTG Staff  |  21.03.2016

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