Facebook and Twitter fight for live TV rights, OpenTV wins court case against Apple and Twitter analyses users emotions towards TV : DTG Daily News March 22nd

Facebook and Twitter fight for live TV rights

According to a US source, social media giants, Facebook and Twitter are vying for rights to stream live TV through their services, stating that both companies have approached programmers in recent weeks.

This follows tests last year, that allowed US users to broadcast from their phone in real-time and a statement from Facebook revealing that they had been in talks with the NFL about the possibility of streaming American football matches live. “We’re talking to a lot of folks about live (video). There are a ton of types of content that can fit under this format,” Facebook’s vice-president of partnerships, Dan Rose explained.

Twitter’s CEO, Jack Dorsey also admitted that investing in live streaming video is one of their top five priorities for 2016.

OpenTV wins court case against Apple

A new court ruling in Germany states that Apple products must not use streaming software that infringes OpenTV’s patents. The suit, opened in 2014, reviewed three video streaming patents owned by OpenTV and its sister company Nagra, over claims Apple were infringing them.

It’s unclear whether Apple will appeal against the ruling, as Kudelski group is taking other action against infringement patents for accessing interactive content on smartphones and computers.

Kudelski group has also taken court action against Netflix in recent years, however have agreed settlement allowing Nagra to integrate Netflix into pay-TV set-top boxes using its technology.

Twitter analyses users emotions towards TV

Working with media agency Starcom and Canvs, Twitter are analysing conversations and shared content to better understand how programming influences viewers emotions, and in turn, how these emotions drive an audiences ability to remember and act on TV commercials.

Heather O’Shea, Global Agency Research & Data Strategy Lead at Twitter explains that all viewers are different, and that audiences respond different to commercials depending on how they feel about the programme they are watching, “And when it comes to getting a pulse on people’s emotional reactions during live TV, now we know that Twitter can drive even stronger results for brands,”

The results will help brands better understand Twitter users and ultimately improve engagement. Such as knowing there’s a higher TV ad recall for viewers who use Twitter while watching TV.

DTG Staff  |  22.03.2016

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