Latest D-Book Update—Corrigenda now available

The latest Corrigenda to D-Book 8 is now available exclusively for DTG Members to download. This supercedes the previous Corrigenda published in October 2015.

This Corrigenda features RF related updates which include details of three new categories of tests introduced as informative in D-Book-8 (released in 2015) which will become mandatory.

The aim of these new tests is to provide a common implementation for how receivers assess and select DTT signals in order to improve consumer experience when having to retune.

Following comprehensive work in the DTG RF Group which incorporated feedback from intensive testing, the three tests have been modified in order to reduce overall test time and make them easier to follow. The tests are also more streamlined and improved in those areas where practical experience had highlighted potential issues.

The introduction of these tests is part of the ongoing industry activity in response to the request from the UK regulator Ofcom for our industry to look at ways to minimise disruption to consumers during change of use of the 700 MHz band.

DTG Staff  |  08.04.2016

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