VR leaders include Oculus, HTC & Sony, SeaChange names new CEO and Facebook Live new features : DTG Daily News April 11th

VR leaders include Oculus, HTC & Sony

Research from Strategy Analytics says that global revenue from virtual reality headsets will reach $895 million in 2016, with 77% being attributed to the premium devices from Oculus, HTC and Sony.

2016 is a key turning point for VR due to awareness of, and actual exposure to, the technology.

David Watkins, Director of Strategy Analytics’ Connected Home Devices service, added, “Adoption of the more expensive, high-end PC and Game Console based devices will be limited to a subset of early adopter enthusiasts and hard core gamers. The high price of these devices will act as a significant barrier to more widespread uptake. The PC and Console powered virtual reality market is entering the classic chicken and egg phase whereby the major games publishers are waiting on the side-lines until there are enough VR headsets and users in the market for it to make financial sense for them to build a VR library of content. This is providing independent and niche developers the chance to make a name for themselves before the big boys arrive.”

Substantial investment has also been seen in creating more virtual experiences in entertainment and sports, marketing and retail, education and training.

SeaChange names new CEO

SeaChange International, multi-screen video products and services specialist, has named Edward Terino as their new Chief Executive Officer.

Terino previously held the role of Chief Operating Officer, but will now be stepping up to CEO following the recent termination of prior CEO Jay Samit. The company announced a significant loss in revenue in the last year, dropping to $27.2 million from $31.3 million in 12 months.

Facebook Live new features

Since its launch in the US last Summer, Facebook Live has allowed users to air their views in real-time, and is continuing to make it easier to use, share and find live video broadcasts.

Facebook CEO Marc Zuckerberg commented: “Live is like having a TV camera in your pocket. Anyone with a phone now has the power to broadcast to anyone in the world.”

The feature now allows users to interact with the live broadcasts through comments, and these can be replayed to users who watch the video later allowing them to see all the interaction throughout the live broadcast.

Facebook is yet to confirm a date when Facebook Live will be available outside the US.

DTG Staff  |  11.04.2016

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