Adults Media Use & Attitudes report, Ericsson strengthen leadership team and ABC Studios wants British talent

Adults Media Use & Attitudes report

Ofcom has released two new reports analysing how people use, understand and relate to different media in the UK.

Adults Media Use and Attitudes gives insight into UK adults aged 16 and over on their TV, radio, mobile, game and internet use.

Findings include:

- The number of adults using only a smartphone or tablet to go online, as opposed to a PC or laptop has increased by 6% over a year

- 7 in 10 adults now favour using a smartphone for online activities, and they have become the media device people would miss the most

The second report, UK Audience Attitudes towards Broadcast Media, analysis our attitudes and opinions towards television and radio broadcasting.

Findings include:

- around 30% of adults felt programme quality had worsened, citing more repeats, lack of variety and lack of quality as the top reasons

- 9 in 10 adults are aware of the 9pm watershed and 60% of those agree that 9pm is still a suitable time

Ericsson strengthen leadership team

A number of organisational changes within the leadership steam at Ericsson have been announced. The changes are part of a plan to strengthen strategy execution to drive growth and profitability.

Hans Vestberg, President and CEO of Ericsson says: “As we move into a new phase of the company development I want to give a special recognition and thanks to the leaving ELT members. They have been instrumental in building our market leadership and setting us on our current path of change.”

ABC Studios wants British talent

Disney-owned studio, ABC have signed a first-look agreement with UK Indie, Yellow Door Productions, to produce a series for US networks and UK broadcasters.

Lucy Lumsden, who has led Yellow Door productions since leaving Sky in September says that “We both wanted to work together to unlock international funding. They have a huge admiration for UK talent and they felt like they wanted a bit more guidance – someone on the ground, who knows people.”

“[ABC Studios] is looking for fresh voices, surprises, things you haven’t heard before. The world is getting smaller. What might have felt like a big cultural divide just doesn’t feel the way that it used to. It doesn’t want to miss out on new talent.”

DTG Staff  |  21.04.2016

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