DTG celebrating its 20th IBC with New Initiatives

The theme ‘Invigorating the Industry' runs through the DTG’s programme of initiatives launching at IBC 2016. These initiatives address advances in Broadcast, Hybrid, Advanced AV—UHD, VR & AR, a more radical IP Future, Wireless and Mobile Innovation, Spectrum changes, and the emerging importance of Data.

Richard Lindsay-Davies, the DTG’s CEO said: “IBC 2016 is the DTG’s 20th IBC and we’re delighted to continue our involvement at this key industry event. We’ll be meeting DTG Members to discuss how they can best participate in these select initiatives which have been developed to address priority areas of industry interest and also highlight what to look forward to the imminent publication of D-Book 9, bringing the universal deployment of HbbTV closer to market.”

Pete Sellar Associate Director, Broadcast at the DTG said: “Our industry has undergone something of a revolution since the publication of D-Book 8 on 1st April 2015 which is reflected in the updates in the new D-Book. We’ll see a raft of changes as we include HbbTV referencing to fulfil the UK DTT connected requirements in support of both Freeview Play and our continuing work in support of the transition from MHEG to HbbTV interactive services in the future.”

Leading the IP initiative, Ian Mecklenburgh, Special Advisor to the DTG said: “As we’re all aware, IP is now a key part of TV and will play a vital role in its future development. As traditional TV continues to evolve and IP centric services, devices and networks allow us to create and deliver innovative services to an ever wider range of devices and locations, we are working with the industry to shape what this may look like. Our aim is to create an environment that encourages innovation and interoperability and through key steps which include understanding the economics involved, the investment case and the need to leave a legacy. We recently held our first debate in London and addressed the parameters of what an 11 to 16 year horizon might look like.”

As part of its 700 Clearance activity the DTG is also working with its Members on a Spectrum initiative. With support from the Department of Culture, Media & Sport and Ofcom, the DTG has formed an Implementation Group for Future PMSE Audio to collaborate and deliver timely enhancements both to PMSE equipment available in the market and to the operational arrangements that enable its use to be maintained while safeguarding Spectrum users. Alex Buchan, Head of Wireless Technology at the DTG who is leading the initiative said: “The Implementation Group for Future PMSE Audio aims to keep PMSE front of mind during future Spectrum debates, providing coordinated positions on PMSE Spectrum requirements.”

IBC Engagement

At IBC this year the DTG team has again participated in the Technical Paper Committee which is a cornerstone of the IBC Conference, and as peer reviewers voted on the IBC2016 Best Conference Paper which will be presented in a dedicated IBC conference session, ‘Recent Advances in Terrestrial and Mobile Video Broadcasting’ (10:30-12noon on Sunday 11 September in the Emerald Room).

The DTG team will be will be speaking at the event in two key sessions – the ‘Paper Session: Exploring New Ideas in VR and 360o Immersive Media’ (10:45-12:15pm Saturday 10th September in the Emerald Room) and the DTG’s CEO Richard Lindsay-Davies will be giving his views on the show in ‘The IBC Wrap-Up 2016: Identifying the Key Trends’ (11:30 – 13:00pm on Monday 12th September in the Forum).

To meet the DTG team at IBC email ibc@dtg.org.uk

DTG Staff  |  09.09.2016

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