DTG Response to Secretary of State's Statement on the draft BBC Charter & Framework Agreement

15 September 2016, London

The DTG welcomes the Secretary for Culture, Media and Sport, Karen Bradley MP’s statement. The BBC is indeed ‘one of this country’s greatest achievements and greatest treasures’ and the new BBC Board needs to retain this distinctive heritage while evolving into an open and transparent organisation reflecting the whole of the UK.

We applaud the comment that ‘obligations for the BBC to consider both the negative and the positive market impacts of their activities are set out in the Charter’ and in particular the recognition that ‘the BBC is obliged to work closely with others and share its knowledge, research and expertise for the wider public benefit.’

Richard Lindsay-Davies, the CEO of the DTG said: “The BBC has worked with partners such as the DTG for many years to develop and universally deploy our industry technical standard, the D-Book, and we look forward to continuing our work with the Corporation as it innovates in technology. We will always provide expert insight into the long-term technology issues facing the industry— TV and its distribution are being democratised and the interests of Consumers and the industry in many ways are converging. Some of the best innovations are, and will continue to come from, the Consumer as much as from industry. Of course our biggest challenge will be to sustain the quality and scale provided by broadcast through the D-Book, while we evaluate and plan for a gradually increasing radical role for hybrid internet and mobile television in the years to come.”

DTG Staff  |  15.09.2016

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