Royal Television Society London Event: Are we UHD ready?

On Wednesday night, the Royal Television Society - London, hosted their event 'Are we ready for UHD' at the DTG in Vauxhall. More than 70 guests heard from a panel of experts on the topic, which comprised:

  • Nigel Walley - Managing Director, Decipher
  • Andy Quested - Head of Technology, BBC
  • Tom Griffiths - Director of Broadcast & Distribution Technology, ITV

DTG CEO Richard Lindsay-Davies, who chaired the event, said, “We were delighted to host an invigorating debate on UHD at the DTG on Wednesday evening."

Dan Cherowbrier, Chair, RTS London Centre added that, “The event was one of the best we've had with an excellent panel and a fantastic reception all of which is thanks to the DTG.”

The event ended with a vote of whether or not the panel believed the UK - and wider market - was ready for UHD. The result? Nigel voted no, Andy a yes (with conditions), and Tom responded with "we are ripe for UHD; just not ready."

If you'd like to read further coverage of the event, the hashtag #RTSUHD was employed throughout the night.

DTG Staff  |  30.09.2016

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