Multiscreen Index reports worldwide increase in television subscriptions

Table: Top 10 services in the Multiscreen Index in North, Central and South America

Informitv's October issue of the Multiscreen Index has reported a worldwide increase in television subscription during the second quarter of this year. Of the 100 leading pay television providers, there has been a 0.95% increase overall which equates to nearly four million new users. Other findings included:

  • 25 of the 100 services in the Multiscreen Index reported net television subscriber losses in the second quarter, while 66 reported year on year gains.
  • The top 10 services in the United States collectively lost 663,000 television subscribers in the quarter and were down by 437,100 year on year.
  • Across the Americas there was a net decline of 0.29 million subscribers, which is the first regional loss in the Multiscreen Index.
  • Services in the Europe, Middle East and Africa region gained 0.83 million subscribers, with the top 10 gaining just 125,000 between them.
  • The Asia Pacific region gained 3.46 million subscribers, with the top 10 services adding 2.76 million, led by six operators in India claiming collective gains of over two million.

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DTG Staff  |  07.10.2016

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