Daydreaming with Google

Last week, Google has also announced the launch of Google Daydream - a new VR Headset - to be used alongside their two new mobiles: the Pixel and Pixel XL (with more compatible mobiles in the near future). Designed to be much lighter in both weight and of plastic composition, Google Daydream operates with auto-alignment technology, meaning that wires are not needed to connect mobile devices to the headset. To navigate, Google has developed the Daydream controller - reminiscent of a Nintendo Wii remote - and uses senors to react to the consumer's movements and gestures.

So far reviews have been mixed with Gizmodo noting that the steep competition for the Sony's PlayStation VR casts quite a large shadow on this kind of technology, meanwhile, Wired complimented the company on the design of the product.

Google has not released the date of pre-order in the UK, however, it is set for 20th October in the US. Read more.

DTG Staff  |  12.10.2016

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