Will the Sony PlayStation VR be on your Christmas wishlist this year?

Although versions of this tech have been on the market for more than two-years, it appears that the engineers at Sony have hit their stride with the new edition of their VR.

Like the Google Daydream, Sony has invested in a simple, cordless set-up where the user only needs to plug in an external processor unit into a PS4 and switch on the headset for activation.

Wired has noted that an advantage of this hardware is the ability for users to play any game on the PS4 platform as the experience of wearing the device is akin to that of viewing the PS4 screen suspended directly in front of the wearer. For true VR experiences, Sony has 29 available games on launch day and is expecting another 12 to come-to-market within the launch window.

What excites journalists and the industry most about this product is the affordability of a gaming-based head-set when compared to what is currently available. Unlike the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive which retail at over USD$500 a piece (and in the past had required accessories so the cost of operation was more than USD$1000 to operate), the PlayStation VR will launch with a price tag less than USD$500.

Whether or not this new piece of tech will become regular in the household is unknown, with some blogs arguing that it is unlikely. What is evident at this stage, is that consumers who already own a PS4 may have a new toy on their Christmas wish-list this year. Read more

DTG Staff  |  28.10.2016

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