DTG Testing, the industry’s not-for-profit test centre, is now a one-stop-shop for Freeview Play Conformance. Any combination of the following elements is now available:

• Freeview HD/D-Book 9 Compliance Testing

• Metadata Delivery & Presentation Testing

• Platform Technology Testing*

• Freeview Play Content Provider Player Testing+

*HbbTV testing is also available.

+includes conformance for ITV Hub, All4, Demand5, STV and UKTV, with BBC iPlayer pre-conformance

Ranjeet Kaur, Head of DTG Testing said: “Working closely with Freeview product developers every day, we fully understand the value of offering a complete menu of services from a single and simple one-stop-shop. Our new Freeview Play conformance offering means that manufacturers can simply pick and choose what they want to ensure a timely and cost-effective launch.”

“Smart manufacturers understand that their investment in prelaunch independent testing pays dividends over a product’s life by minimising costly in-market support and product returns, not to mention helping to ensure a product that will delight retailers and customers. 2015-2016 industry statistics show that no products passed standard conformance tests on the first test cycle – with 43% of products passing after the second cycle, and all others requiring between 3 and 6 test cycles. We believe our offering saves time and provides real value to the industry.”

Alex Russell, Head of Conformance at Digital UK, said: “With more and more manufacturers adopting Freeview Play it has already become the most widely supported catch-up service in the UK. We’re delighted that the DTG now offers additional testing to make it easier for companies to bring compliant products to market and provide viewers with an even greater choice.”

Graham North, Vice President Sales, Humax Electronics Co, Ltd commented: “Humax has a successful retail business within the UK and is brand leader in the digital TV recorder market. Delivering Freeview, Freesat and YouView products, it is essential that we are able to test and comply with platform requirements. DTG Testing has a comprehensive independent test facility, which offers us the ability to fully test our platform compliance and also interoperability with other products.”

Richard Lindsay-Davies, CEO of the DTG added: “DTG Testing is the UK digital TV industry’s own test house. Set up by manufacturers for manufacturers with Government support over 16 years ago DTG Testing occupies a unique position at the heart of our industry. Astute retailers use independent third party test reports to provide the confidence to range products and ensure customer satisfaction. Continuing to offer conformance tests and testing services in support of Freeview Play by our team of testing experts ensures we continue to meet the needs of the rapidly evolving and highly successful UK TV market.”

DTG Staff  |  13.12.2016

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