DTG Statement on today's Ofcom Report 'Connected Nations 2016’

The DTG welcomes today’s Connected Nations 2016 report from Ofcom which confirms that more people are, or can be, connected to the communications they need.

Ofcom reports that the way that television services are delivered and consumed continues to evolved and the devices and services that viewers use are seamlessly blending content from traditional broadcast networks and the internet. Ultra High Definition (UHD) services are beginning to emerge and Ofcom notes three key themes: Linear TV consumption still remains dominant; There has been a significant increase in both the number and sophistication of hybrid platforms; Ultra High Definition (UHD) television has arrived.

Richard Lindsay-Davies, CEO of the DTG, said: “We welcome today’s report from Ofcom and its references to the DTG’s D-Book, which by defining the core requirements for every TV set sold in the UK underpins innovation in television. HD has been in the D-Book since 2009 and while the DTG is very supportive of the number of services already available to viewers we agree that more needs to be done to encourage the take up of HD services.“

“It is clear that UK TV innovation is in rude health. Our UK UHD Forum continues to drive advances in TV, with a unique membership ranging from Hollywood Studios and broadcasters, internet TV service providers and platforms, to consumer electronics manufacturers and retailers. Our proven Industry Innovation Pipeline has delivered UK world firsts which include broadcast, interactive TV, widescreen and HD, and is now building momentum in the new era of innovation in both broadcast and broadband delivered television.”

“The future of traditional broadcast can only be strengthened by the introduction of more hybrid services which we support with our latest D-Book 9 which introduces HbbTV specifications. With the exception of satellite distribution, OTT remains one of the main ways of viewing UHD content and the DTG supports the increased roll out of Superfast Broadband.”

DTG Staff  |  16.12.2016

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