Virtual Reality Industry Forum Founded

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After two years of work and co-ordination by the DTG, the Virtual Reality Industry Forum (VRIF) has now been officially formed as a not-for-profit company with the aim “to further the widespread availability of high quality audiovisual VR experiences, for the benefit of consumers.”

David Daniels, Project Director for Advanced AV at the DTG said: "Over two years ago we gathered together senior stakeholders and led industry discussions by calling for a VR Forum. As a result of our initiative the DTG is delighted to be a Charter Member of the VR Industry Forum. We will continue to drive collaboration and debate to ensure the VR Industry Forum delivers first class VR entertainment experiences both in the UK and around the globe.”

Chris Johns, Chief Engineer, Broadcast Strategy at Sky and the DTG's CEO Richard Lindsay-Davies were elected to co-chair the VR Forum's Production Working Group at the Group's inaugural meeting which took place at CES 2017.

DTG Staff  |  05.01.2017

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