Get Ready... for RED

On the 13th June 2017, the Radio Equipment Directive (RED) came into play across the UK and Europe. This new Directive will have implications for manufacturers and retailers/distributors of TV and radio equipment as well as related products such as active antennas and amplifiers.

“Radio equipment shall be so constructed that it both effectively uses and supports the efficient use of radio spectrum to avoid harmful interference.” Article 3.2 RED.

The main difference between RED and R&TTE-D is that under the Directive all products which receive and emit radio waves must now demonstrate compliance to the RED from 13 June 2017:

- Broadcast receivers e.g. TV receivers, DAB/DAB+/DRM/FM/AM radios;

- Amplifiers such as loft and masthead amplifiers for distribution of TV signals; and

- Active antennas such as indoor antenna for TV reception that contain amplifiers.

- Satellite reception equipment e.g. set top boxes.

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DTG Staff  |  23.01.2017

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