Sky’s second Tech Summit 2017 on Tuesday 12th September 2017 had a great agenda and some significant industry speakers at this invite-only event held at Sky’s HQ.

Sky CEO Jeremy Darroch told the audience he was excited about on-demand, Sky Q, VR, UHD and the new Sky Sound Box. He also emphasised Sky’s investment in technology scholarships for women and said ‘we’re here in the spirit of learning and sharing and very much in the business of finding common ground.’

The first panel of the day focused on ‘Giving Viewers What They Want’ with Mai Fyfield, Chief Strategy & Commercial Officer, Sky saying that ‘Linear TV was still the dominant viewing source’ and Ben McOwen Wilson, EMEA Director, YouTube noting that ‘75% of YouTube views are from mobile but this doubled on TV in the last month’. McOwen Wilson also outlined plans to launch YouTube Red in other territories. Daniel Danker, Product Director, Facebook told the audience that ‘more and more people come to Facebook to watch video’ and ‘what to watch is driven by your friends’ highlighting that content is selected on Facebook by community offering further credibility and authenticity. Facebook like Linear TV has a 9pm slot and can highlight content in its newsfeed to provide a boost.

Luke Bradley-Jones, CMO, Sky highlighted the important of audio to the TV experience and said that the Sky Sound Box would go on sale this Autumn for £799 with a price of £299 for current and new Sky customers and just £249 for new and existing Sky Q multi-screen customers. Quentin Sannié, Co-Founder and CEO of Devialet gave a demonstration of the Sky Sound Box which amazed the audience with its amazing sound from a tiny speaker into the auditorium and said ‘the Sky partnership is our best dream’.

Neil Graham, Executive Producer, Sky VR Studios outlined the future of VR & AR explaining that Sky is uniquely placed for VR before the next panel discussed how sports start-ups are scoring points with viewers. In the afternoon keynote Will Shu, CEO of Deliveroo was an interesting interview highlighting the value of data science for on-demand food delivery and surprised the audience when he told them how he delivered every day for nine months when he first set up the company.

In the afternoon panel ‘Leading TV’s Transformation—What’s Next?’ Conrad Clemson, SVP/GM, SP Platforms & Applications (SPPA), Cisco reminded the audience that ‘we have a view point on the networks and video.... roughly 40% of the content in the world touches a Cisco system’ and predicted that ‘video distribution is changing radically and we need to move faster, it’s a gigantic opportunity’ before remind the audience that ‘we are on a big pendulum shift in content. Its all about network, subscribers and content’. In summing up the day CEO, UK & ROI, Stephen Van Rooyen reflected ‘We’ve heard from world class contributors on the myriad ways technology is transforming the TV and entertainment industry. Sky’s focus on innovation is driving growth and enhancing the customer experience through Sky Q and voice interaction; Sky’s online video platform; and ground-breaking innovation at Sky Sports.’

DTG Staff  |  12.09.2017

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