CAI celebrates 40th birthday

The CAI celebrates its 40th birthday this year and Tim Jenks, senior executive at the CAI explains:

"The seventies was a memorable era, from cultural, historical, political and economic viewpoints. While 1978 may not have been too radical—apart from a noticeable growth in the TV aerial trade as huge numbers of TV viewers purchased colour TVs and the necessary aerial to receive UHF television. To capitalise on that market growth two trade bodies representing the two spectrums of aerial reception decided in 1978 to form one gang. The National Federation of Aerial Contractors and the British Aerial Manufacturers Association merged into the Confederation of Aerial Industries (CAI) and so began a history that was to change the profile and recognition of an industry that few public knew anything about, but actually affected 98% of the population who watch TV. From representing a TV and radio aerials trade, to being the recognised body for home networking and signal distribution, the CAI now leads the industry on competence assessment and skills education."

DTG Staff  |  12.02.2018

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