BBC News grows on Instagram

Data from NewsWhip says that the monthly average number of engagements (likes, shares and comments) for the BBC News Instagram account has grown from 10,000 in March 2017 to 22,000 in February 2018.

Mark Frankel, the BBC News Social Media Editor noted that Instagram is now BBC News' fastest growing social platform, with its 4.8m followers rising by 2,000 per week, after it scaled back its output to focus on UK-based human interest stories. The number of monthly video posts has halved from 120 to less than 60.

He said: "This audience is on Instagram first. This is an opportunity to reach an audience that otherwise wouldn’t consume our content, while boosting referral traffic. We’ve been looking at how to take the audience on a journey, a daily digest to encourage them to go and engage with BBC News more deeply. It was the right time to think about boosting referral traffic from other platforms.”

DTG Staff  |  16.03.2018

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