New Licence Fee Payment Pilot

The Government has changed rules to allow the BBC to trial a new simpler payment plan for the licence fee.

The pilot looks at ways to help lower income households who have struggled to keep up with payments.

Customers on the new plan will still pay the same amount of licence fee (£150.50 per year) as everyone else, however instead of paying the cost of the licence fee in full at the start customers will be able to pay-as-you-go each month with the cost split evenly over the course of the year.

Currently weekly and monthly payment plans require higher initial payments over the first six months to protect against a risk of non-payment.

DCMS Secretary of State, Matt Hancock said: "The licence fee enables the BBC to produce fantastic programmes that we want everyone to enjoy and be entertained and informed by. But we know that sometimes households may struggle to pay the licence fee, which is why we’ve worked with the BBC to develop a simpler and more flexible payment plan to help those on low incomes."

DTG Staff  |  16.03.2018

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