DVB World 2018

The DTG's Head of Wireless Technologies Alex Buchan attended DVB World 2018 in Warsaw earlier this week and here is his review of the event:

The event celebrated 25 years of the DVB, and had three main themes: What is key in the industry today? What is the DVB doing to deliver these? and What are going to be the technology requirements of the future?

A common thread among the themes was that DVB has been very good at producing standards for the delivery of technology from a physical layer point of view, but that work can only achieve so much. It needs to change and adapt the way it works to remain relevant and take into account the bigger picture of a complicated market with many interoperability considerations. Peter MacAvock (EBU and DVB Chairman), suggested that DVB could pilot new ways of working on standards, which could be less focussed around closed working groups and have more emphasis on opensource and community participation. Additionally, Professor Ulrich Reimers from the Technical University Braunschweig, suggested that DVB needs to take more notice of media delivery concepts being developed in 3GPP as part of LTE and 5G.

The conference looked at some of the next developments for media delivery providing improved user experiences through high frame rates for UHD, next generation audio, augmented reality and virtual reality. It was highlighted that there is still a lot of consumer confusion around the large number of UHD logos and standards and Stefan Heimbecher, Director Innovations & Standards, Sky Deutschland commented that UHD Plugfest work done at the DTG was essential in developing interoperability and supporting the industry.

There was discussion about the next generation of distribution, looking at 5G for broadcast and the enhancements for eMBMS as well as a new DVB standard being developed called DVB-I (where I stands for Internet), and work on WiB and whether it is the next DVB-T solution. The overarching principle was an aim to help the broadcaster and content providers offer the best solution to the user depending on the scenario they're in.

The other main topic for discussion was the application of science in media delivery to facilitate functionality such as targeted advertising, and increased personalisation. DVB is working on a DVB-TA (targeted advertising) standard which will concentrate on the delivery of the advertising rather than the profiling.

The next DVB World will take place in Dublin in 2019.

DTG Staff  |  16.03.2018

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