Media planners question switch-off target

A survey of leading media planners by MediaTel Insight has highlighted concerns that the UK Government's deadline for analogue TV switch-off may be unrealistic and could prompt a backlash from consumers over the cost of upgrading their sets.

Some suggested the proposed 2012 date for switch-off to be completed could be forced back to as late as 2016, MediaGuardian reported.

However, others predicted there would be a sudden acceleration in digital take-up once the Government fixes a date for the switch.

Carat media planning director Steve Hobbs said: "No government can afford to unilaterally disenfranchise a significant element of the electorate from its ability to receive TV broadcasts.

"However, the means of achieving the transition could become a party issue, less worthy than education but of greater importance to many."

Lovelacemedia  |  08.04.2005

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