HD quality 'to drive digital take-up'

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New high definition television (HD-TV) technology could hold the key to driving digital take-up, with a poll of Europeans finding that picture quality is the most important factor for those ditching their analogue TVs.

Some 24% of those questioned by Jupiter Research said HD-TV could persuade them to switch, while video-on-demand services and digital video recorders (DVRs) were important to just 10%.

"Quality television is critical to drive digital TV growth, but today European digital television delivers just a standard definition picture, and is the poor sibling of world television," Ian Fogg, a senior analyst at Jupiter Research, told BBC News Online.

Fogg predicted sports coverage, in particular football programming, would drive HD-TV take-up.

"The World Cup could be one of the big launch events for high-definition TV," he added.

The Jupiter Research report predicted 123m European homes—74%—would have digital TV by 2009, but only 10.5m would have DVRs and 5.8m would use video-on-demand.

BSkyB is due to begin HD-TV broadcasts next year.

Lovelacemedia  |  06.05.2005

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