Ofcom warns on EU internet regulations

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Ofcom senior partner Robin Foster has cautioned against more stringent regulation of the internet, amid proposals being considered by the EU to extend its regulatory guidelines for the media to cover online broadcasts.

In an article in The Guardian reporting on widespread concerns at the possible impact of such a move, Foster said a more regulatory approach "may not be positive and may stop new ideas developing in a broadband world".

The Guardian said Ofcom is likely to review the impact of broadband and mobile communications and consider the appropriate regulatory regime. The move comes as Brussels looks to revamp its Television Without Frontiers directive, with some observers predicting Europe will want to impose television content regulations on the internet.

Foster told The Guardian: "[Television Without Frontiers] seems to be geared to extending traditional broadcasting regulation into new media and the internet. The slight worry is that it takes a very regulatory approach to new media, which may have a number of benefits, but it may not be positive and may stop new ideas developing in a broadband world. We shouldn't just assume that we should regulate."

Lovelacemedia  |  06.05.2005

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