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UK consumers switching on to high quality TV

UK survey reveals age gap when it comes to the UHD experience

22 March 2017, London -- ● Young people leading the way as UHD reality exceeds their expectations

● Over 55’s buying more UHD TVs than anyone else (22.78%), but nearly 1 in 3 (30.51%) admit to only ‘sporadically’ using their TV’s UHD capabilities

● Majority of UK consumers now know the difference between HD and UHD (55.31%)

London, UK, 22 March 2017: UK consumers are increasingly switching on to the benefits of high quality television, according to the results of a new survey conducted by Atomik for The DTG.

The DTG, a unique self-funding UK collaboration centre for innovation in digital media technology, polled over 1,000 people who purchased a TV in the last three years and found that younger viewers were most keen to embrace the possibilities of Ultra High Definition (UHD) viewing – with the majority (84%) of 25-34 year olds finding the experience even better than they’d expected.

The survey found that more than 1 in 5 (22%) of UK consumers purchased a UHD ready TV in the past three years. Whilst younger viewers were most likely to opt for a UHD television because they wanted a better viewing experience – 64% of 25-34 year olds made this claim – the highest percentage of UHD TV’s are actually being purchased by over 55’s (22.78%).

Despite the increase in UHD content available from broadcasters including BBC, Sky, Netflix and Amazon, the over 55’s age group was also the least likely to view a film, programme or event in UHD when offered (71.19% versus 95.65% of 35-44-year-olds). In fact, nearly 1 in 3 (30.51%) of this age group admitted to only ‘sporadically’ making use of the UHD capabilities of their television sets.

Of those buying a TV with UHD capabilities, most did so in order to get the best possible viewing experience (53.04%). Whilst the vast majority of respondents pointed to an improved viewing quality compared with their old TV (86.09%), more than two thirds (67.39%) claimed that the UHD experience has actually surpassed their expectations. As the volume of UHD content that’s readily available begins to gather pace, the most popular platforms among those who watch UHD content in the UK are Sky (32.17%), followed by Netflix (17.39%) and Amazon (13.48%).

Richard Lindsay-Davies, CEO of the DTG, said: “While availability of UHD is in its early stages and HDR content is still some way off, we’re seeing Amazon’s Man in The High Castle and Netflix’s forthcoming Iron Fist, that there is some outstanding UHD programming that’s already accessible. Any UK consumers who opt to purchase a UHD TV but don’t then take advantage of its capabilities are truly doing themselves an injustice. It’s like buying a Ferrari and only ever driving it slowly to the corner shop.”

Whilst UHD is proving popular with TV buyers, there’s still a strong appetite for HD TV’s. When it comes to buying HD TV’s more people from the North East (78.18%) than London (53.76%) have purchased a high definition television in the last three years.

Lindsay-Davies continued, “With the majority (55.31%) of those surveyed possessing a clear understanding of the difference between HD and UHD, it’s encouraging to see informed and savvy consumers who know what they want. If the UK is to join Japan and South Korea at the forefront of mainstream UHD delivery it’s essential that content creators, broadcasters, manufacturers and retailers work in collaboration to satisfy the growing demand and continue to exceed expectations.”

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