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The DTG’s New D-Book 9 Conformance Test Suites

28 July 2017, London -- D-Book 9 Conformance Test Suites are now available to assist with the transition from MHEG to HbbTV, which was introduced for UK DTT in the DTG’s D-Book 9 published in November 2016. The Test Suites are used as part of the Conformance Regime for Freeview HD and Freeview Play TMLs. There are four main Test Suites available; SI/PSI Test Suite, MHEG Test Suite, Linear Services Test Suite and DTR Test Suite. These Test Suites may be used on devices implementing either MHEG or HbbTV (as well as dual-stack devices) – so, where applicable, all test cases that include an MHEG application now have an HbbTV application on the same service. The HbbTV applications are signalled as requiring the same level of device functionality anticipated for many applications that are soon to launch on the DTT platform.

Ian Medland, Head of Technical Development, DTG Testing said: “Our DTG Testing team has worked hard to ensure the new D-Book 9 Test Suites reflect the expected on-air signalling we will see when HbbTV services are launched on the UK DTT platform. This means, for instance, supporting HbbTV on time-exclusive services and ensuring that the Connection Requirement Descriptor is only considered by devices which include MHEG. The Linear Services Test Suite confirms the simultaneous display of HbbTV and subtitles, including re-scaling. MHEG is still covered with the addition of new tests to check support for an empty carousel, following manufacturer feedback. For RF, we have added Option 8 modulation parameters to the SI/PSI Test Suite so that devices are exposed to all specified DVB-T and DVB-T2 modulation modes. Finally, the DTR Test Suite has been updated to reflect the different mechanism for handling trailer bookings when an HbbTV application is active.”

Mike Jones, Technical Manager at Freeview added: “The introduction of the new D-Book 9 Conformance Test Suites will enable a smoother and more efficient transition from MHEG to HbbTV. The introduction of HbbTV elements in conjunction with MHEG within the suites, will be invaluable for all those in the Market during the UK’s DTT switch to the new hybrid service.”

For any further information or to request licensing for the new Test Suites please contact: customerservices@dtg.org.uk or visit http://www.dtgtesting.com/content/buy-test-suite

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For more information about DTG Testing contact customerservices@DTG.org.uk, or visit dtgtesting.com

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