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DTG Response to BBC Statement on MHEG

24 June 2016, London -- The DTG welcomes yesterday’s statement from the BBC on its ‘innovative plan to move beyond legacy MHEG technology to an industry-wide adoption of HbbTV 2.0.1 in time for equipment manufacturers to build it into 2018 product cycles.’

This BBC activity continues the work initiated by the DTG’s MHEG Transition Task Group which identified the opportunities and major risks to be considered as decisions are made on the transition from MHEG to HbbTV-based broadcast interactive services on the UK’s digital terrestrial networks. The Group’s paper ‘Towards a Common European Technical Standard for Interactive Services on Free-To-Air TV Platforms’, the result of concerted industry effort, was published for DTG Members in January 2016.

Richard Lindsay-Davies, CEO of The DTG said: “We are actively engaged to set out a plan, working with the BBC, Freeview, DUK and DTG Members to deliver a solution which works for both the industry and consumers with their varied viewing preferences. We are all supportive of a well-managed migration from MHEG to HbbTV and as the only mechanism that has successfully universally deployed, interoperable, interactive television services, the D-Book continues to lead the way forward in helping the industry deliver television to viewers.”

The DTG has a heritage of collaboration and consultation and its activity builds on over twenty one years’ of successfully defining, testing and deploying digital media technologies. The next iteration of the D-Book will be published in October 2016.

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Lindsay Spencer, Head of Communications - pr@dtg.org.uk - +44 (0) 20 7840 6500

About the DTG

The DTG is the non-profit UK collaboration centre for innovation in digital media technology, reaching industry, government, academia and international partners, set up with the purpose of looking after the digital TV marketplace. It underpins the free-to-air platforms Freeview, Freesat and YouView, and supporting the development of Sky, Virgin Media, BT and TalkTalk.

It has been central to the distribution of TV in the UK for nearly two decades through the collaborative development of industry standards and best practice, and is currently embracing the convergence of content and networks across industries to focus on the efficient delivery of video to all screens - mobile, tablet and TV - in all formats: standard, high and ultra high definitions.

The DTG supports the next generation of digital TV and related technologies through its work in the delivery of video to mobile devices, television on tablets, spectrum coexistence management, TV white space, home networking, connected TV, accessibility, and the UK UHD Forum.

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